I am an enthusiast of anything with wheels that gets you outside. My earliest memories of bikes were going on rides around the neighborhood with my dad. At 9 years old I started racing BMX, and growing up in Marin county California the transition to mountain bikes was a natural one.

Bikes have always been a liberating tool. Over the years I’ve spent time racing not only bikes but cars, dirtbikes, and street bikes. Lately my competitive draw has been endurance xc and gravel events.

What does all of this mean? I have a long history of searching for performance, comfort, and most of all a way to enjoy my bikes, searching for every last ounce of performance, or designing it for all day comfort exploring the Lost Sierra, I have a history of making bikes that work, and work well for their rider.

My goal is to build bikes that inspire you to ride. Whether it’s riding that century with friends or charging down a rooty chute, I can make you your dream bike.

Nick Neuhaus